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Has anyone gotten their murky warrior yet?

I will either be late or have to step out for dinner in the beginning/middle. It's quarter to and I'm online atm. Not sure how long that'll last.

Last schedule
One Grain
Please try for 30 games per shift to make sure everyone gets their murloc. All shifts are 6 - 8p eastern.

Beaujolais, Guinness, Mehkong

Curaçao, Guinness, Sake

Beaujolais, Curaçao, Sake

Curaçao, Mehkong, Rum

(I know that leaves us with no healer on Friday, but we'll make do)

Issues, questions, whatever - that's what comments are for!

Standings at the (almost) end of week three
Okay, lovely ladies, this is almost over. & I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get this damn pet we all payed $20 for.

I believe these are the super-duper up to date standings:

Rum = 189 games
Beaujolais = 155 games
Mehkong = 150 games
Guinness = 125 games (+25 tonight)
Sake = 120 games (+25 tonight)
Curaçao = 86 games (+25 tonight)

So we have 4 people completely on track or ahead (assuming tonight goes off without a hitch) - one who is 5 games behind (which, if you all wanted to make up tonight? would be lovely time permitting.

My plan, at the moment, is this:

I will put myself on for only one shift next week (since I only have 11 games to go). I will put Curaçao on for 3. Everyone else gets thier normal two. Curaçao does have 9 random games to make up somewhere, so can we shoot for 30 games per shift instead of 25 for safety's sake?

I will schedule nights Tuesday - Friday again, and offer a couple of "make-up" options if needed. If you anticipate needing a make-up session, please take a few minutes and arrange with some team mates to make that happen.

Schedule post coming this afternoon, assuming that everyone's ok with the plan thusfar.

It's nearly over...
Any unavailables for next week?

I'm up to 174 games, so I'm only putting myself on one night next week. I'm unexpectedly sad about that.

Also? We dragged our rating out of the gutter and back into the 1200s last night. Woot.

cat haiku
Hi all!

I have gotten ahead in games and have almost twice as many as Sake and Curacao. That baby murloc smells delicious from the home stretch, let me tell you. I'm scheduled to play on Thursday, which I'm happy to do, but if anyone needing make up games would like to play instead, let me know.

narcissus and dativesingular:

I may be running about 15 minutes late tonight. Just wanted to give you the heads up - I will be on as soon as possible, but I just had dinner guests sprung on me on my way out the door this morning. Grrr.

In case you all are like me...
... and only really check LJ when you're at work:

Link to this week's schedule.

I'd like to think no comments means A-OK with everyone, but I'm paranoid enough to think that maybe no comments means no one read it. :P

Next week's schedule:
One Grain
The Tuesday - Friday thing seems to be working ok:

Tuesday 6p - 8p - Beaujolais, Guinness, Rum
Wednesday 6p - 8p - Mehkong, Sake, Rum
Thursday 6p - 8p - Beaujolais, Curaçao, Mehkong
Friday 6p - 8p - Curaçao, Guinness, Sake

I'm hoping (again) that I did this right - please let me know if there are any problems.

I think Sake may still be behind by 25 games, and Beaujolais ahead. If you two want to work it out and have Sake on Thursday instead of Beaujolais, that's OK by me.

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Guys, I'm trying to log on and I CAN'T LOG ON. I was on before, on the Arena Tourney, and then it was 6:30 so I went to look for you Hordeside and now I CAN'T LOG ON. It's stuck at connecting QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ I am trying.


I'm going to stick around for a little bit (Niza, I saw you were in Vault) but are you there Curacao? I don't know how to whisper you because I don't know how to make the funny c. :X


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