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Next week's schedule:
One Grain
january_embers wrote in murlocbreakfast
The Tuesday - Friday thing seems to be working ok:

Tuesday 6p - 8p - Beaujolais, Guinness, Rum
Wednesday 6p - 8p - Mehkong, Sake, Rum
Thursday 6p - 8p - Beaujolais, Curaçao, Mehkong
Friday 6p - 8p - Curaçao, Guinness, Sake

I'm hoping (again) that I did this right - please let me know if there are any problems.

I think Sake may still be behind by 25 games, and Beaujolais ahead. If you two want to work it out and have Sake on Thursday instead of Beaujolais, that's OK by me.


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