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In case you all are like me...
january_embers wrote in murlocbreakfast
... and only really check LJ when you're at work:

Link to this week's schedule.

I'd like to think no comments means A-OK with everyone, but I'm paranoid enough to think that maybe no comments means no one read it. :P

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Looks good to me - I'll talk to Niza tonight and see if she wants to swap it up for the Murloc equality. I (and probably Niza) have an Undying attempt* scheduled for Thursday but I think it's late enough that it won't be a problem.

*dear god hold me, we wiped flat out 5 times on KT this week and you want us to do undying?

Gah. No pressure or anything.

Our big win for this week is that we managed to get "Arachnaphobia" on our 10 man. Which means we hauled ass through the spider quarter, didn't wipe, and didn't screw around overly much re: loot. I'm not as impressed as I would like to be.

This week, Friday went great, and Sunday? We wiped on Saph. We never wipe on Saph. People cannot remember where to stand during the air phase, and these folks want to do Maly? I'm scared.

(also, I'm sad we're on our next-to-last-week of LOLarena)

I've been AFK but totes looks good. :)

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