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Standings at the (almost) end of week three
january_embers wrote in murlocbreakfast
Okay, lovely ladies, this is almost over. & I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get this damn pet we all payed $20 for.

I believe these are the super-duper up to date standings:

Rum = 189 games
Beaujolais = 155 games
Mehkong = 150 games
Guinness = 125 games (+25 tonight)
Sake = 120 games (+25 tonight)
Curaçao = 86 games (+25 tonight)

So we have 4 people completely on track or ahead (assuming tonight goes off without a hitch) - one who is 5 games behind (which, if you all wanted to make up tonight? would be lovely time permitting.

My plan, at the moment, is this:

I will put myself on for only one shift next week (since I only have 11 games to go). I will put Curaçao on for 3. Everyone else gets thier normal two. Curaçao does have 9 random games to make up somewhere, so can we shoot for 30 games per shift instead of 25 for safety's sake?

I will schedule nights Tuesday - Friday again, and offer a couple of "make-up" options if needed. If you anticipate needing a make-up session, please take a few minutes and arrange with some team mates to make that happen.

Schedule post coming this afternoon, assuming that everyone's ok with the plan thusfar.

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Sounds like a plan to me! I forgot to mention but as usual, I'm not available on Wednesday.

I'm totally fine with helping Curacao make up her games--no raid planned for tonight so I can go late.

Holy poo I'm behind. I didn't really realize how much.

I can be on however long tonight because I'm not doing anything but working at 10.

And... my new computer is in town!!!! Though no ones home to receive it. Crap.

I'll wait to schedule next week until I see where everyone stands after tonight.

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