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Third time's a charm
Here we go again: Ladies, please post your unavailables to the best of your knowledge for the week of 3/23 - 3/29.

I'll try to have next week's schedule up by Saturday at the latest.

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Link to schedule post: Click me!. Please give me a heads up if anything needs to be changed, mmkay?

Link to our arena team rankings: Click me!. What is that? 45% win rating, do you see that?!?!?!?

(I won't lie, I'm kind of giddy about the fact we don't suck that bad.)

Okay ladies, confirm with me this works. I put Sake on an extra night 'cause she's 50 games behind right now, and I'm 25 ahead.

All times are EST.

Tuesday 6p - 8p: Guinness, Beaujolais, Sake
Wednesday 6p - 8p: Curaco, Mehkong, Sake
Thursday 6p - 8p: Curacao, Guinness, Sake
Friday 6p - 8p: Mehkong, Rum, Beaujolais

narcissus, you can go Doomchicken for Tuesday if you want to.

Any progress on coming up with a "make-up" session between the three who are still short games?

Modeling Peter 2: Electric Boogaloo
I'm sorry for missing lolarena on Wednesday night. I'm up visiting my best friend for a few days and thought I'd be able to get some games in, but he's been having computer problems so I haven't been able to get on WoW much. I should have let you guys know that I possibly wouldn't be able to log on, but. :X I'll be back this weekend though, and I'll be available all next week so I'll be able to make those games up. Sorry again!

Three things:
1) narcissus and myself and my boyfriend managed to maintain our 40% win rate last night despite some severely crippling lag (and some severely crippling rogues - FUCK ROGUES).

2) At this point, we have 2 team members with 50 games in, 2 team members with 25 games in, and two team members with no games in. We have a batch scheduled tonight, which if it goes as planned, with leave us with 3 who have 50 and 3 who have 25. So we need to schedule at least one "make-up" session (not to be confused with make-out sessions) for Guinness, Sake, and Curaçao.

3) dativesingular - which one of us is doing the schedule for next week? I know we're still waiting for two more people to respond, but I totally don't want to be the one who drops the ball on it. Link to availability check post)

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We hung out until about quarter 'til 7, but figured something happened; feel free to poke us on our mains Ally side on BB if you want to lolrena. :)

Night One Stats
Last night, the powerhouse team of Guinness, Beaujolais, and Rum managed to win 10 games out of 25. That puts us at a 40% win rate, which means we didn't decimate the team rating nearly as much as we thought we would.

As an added bonus? All the teams we played against showed up and at least seemed to be trying to kill us, so we came by those 10 wins honestly. Woot!

Tonight's roster is Sake, Guinness, and Curaçao (assuming she can still make it, otherwise, there will be more Rum!).

Good luck, ladies!

So yesterday I didn't realize that lolrenas practice actually meant SIGN ON TO THE ARENA REALM AT 7PM so I sat in an inn in Dal for an hour dicking around with my UI waiting for someone to poke me to hop and here it probably looks like I stood you guys up. :(

So as to prevent this from repeating itself (and since today is my first real day!) I will be on lolrenas realm at 6PM, correct? Probably a bit earlier actually, as I'll be configuring my UI to work with my arena toon.

ALSO! My mom isn't coming until Thursday so I am still good for Wednesday evening. Do we have a backup for ytrahne in case her Media Arts friend needs to hang out with her then?

Practice tonight?
Anyone up for some practice tonight before we start the real deal tomorrow? I feel like I haven't touched my arena character in forever, and would like to sort of get back in the swing beforehand.


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